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Focus on Networking

There was a time when a job search meant submitting applications for available jobs until you were hired. Recruiters can receive hundreds of applications for each job listing, so it’s very difficult to be considered unless your skills and experience match precisely with the job requirements. Nowadays, most people land a job with help from their personal or professional network (friends, family, current and former co-workers, etc.).

Focus on your connections

While you are employed, be a social butterfly. Invite members of your leadership team to lunch, participate in a mentorship program if available, and join your co-workers for activities after work. When you are about to leave your job, be sure you connect to friendly coworkers on LinkedIn.

Focus on your professional network

Every job seeker should have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile with concise, relevant information for recruiters, focusing on your most recent job. Whenever possible, use metrics to articulate your value (e.g., “Implementing this process improvement saved the team 20 hours a week in lost productivity.”). Be sure to take advantage of the many tools and settings available on LinkedIn to expand your network.

Focus on your personal network

Facebook  and Instagram can also be great networking tools to leverage for your job search. Be sure to let your friends and followers know when you are looking for work. Important note: Hiring managers will check your social media accounts, so hide or delete any old posts that may negatively influence your hiring (drinking, drugs, embarrassing photos, politics, etc.).
Keep your job search in focus

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